Helmar Aerosol & Liquid Products

Helmar is specialised in the manufacture, formulation, marketing and supply of aerosol products and liquid products. The application of their extensive range of manufactured products are vast - from screen printers to clothing manufacturers, abattoirs to breweries, plastic injection moulders to blind supplies, craft supplies to art supplies.
The principal business activities of the company include but not limited to the supply of the following products and services for all types of industries utilising packaged products for industrial application and consumer applications. Silicone lubricants & release agents for consumer & industrial applications. Adhesives for most manufacturing applications with timber & consumer uses. Spray adhesives for consumer & industrial applications. Aerosol products for the Electronic industry. Specialty adhesives for Craft & Textile applications. Spray paints for consumer & industrial use. Silicone Sealants. Special coatings and finishes for Art applications. Various liquid products and aerosol products for specific applications.
A Quality System to AS 9002/ISO 9002 has been developed and implemented to ensure that all customer requirements are satisfied. The quality system is applicable to all departments and to all activites undertaken by the company.

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