Candan Industries is a wholly owned Australian lubricant manufacturing company exporting to more than 25 countries around the world including USA, Canada, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their Inox range of lubricants was first released onto the Australian market in 1987 and has continued to grow ever since. There are now 12 different Inox products, each with their own specialised qualities for use in a variety of industries. These range from fine penetrating oils to heavy greases and include food grade lubricants, lanolin lubricants, battery conditioners, high temperature greases, extreme pressure greases and chain and brake cleaners.

CBC Australia is proud to stock Australian products such as Inox because we know they’re high quality and will do the job they’re designed for. We apply that criteria to all of the products we stock as part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Australian plant and equipment running safely and efficiently into the future.

CBC Australia invests heavily in our customers’ needs and no job is too big or small for our professional team. We have more than 50 offices Australia-wide and as well as an extensive catalogue of industrial products, we have the facilities to provide highly customised engineering solutions for our clients.

We strive to meet and exceed expectations with all of our products and services and with around sixty years of dedicated service behind us, we see ourselves as providing a ‘bridge of value’ between our customers and the best manufacturers worldwide.

To browse our full product range, go to our Products page or if you’d like to discuss your particular requirements with our expert team, feel free to give us a call on 02 9947 9200. We have what you need at CBC, Australia’s largest distributor of bearings and power transmission products, and we’re here to keep you moving.

Over the last 23 years the INOX products have gained a reputation for quality and reliability in their various applications.
Whether it’s a food grade spray lubricant, heavy duty industrial grease, a PTFE paste, lanolin based grease, a dry film lubricant or even a chain lubricant, INOX has all the bases covered.
INOX products cater for a large field of applications from the simplest domestic job to the largest of repairs, service or manufacturing such as in Mining, Transport, Commercial Fishing, Food & Beverage Industry, Boating and Automotive to name but a few.